Please enjoy the wacky world my pencils and paints create for you. As an illustrator I try to bring you a world in which you have not read before or have seen in movies yet. My minds eye comes from behind the curtain in that chocolate factory that Willie Wonka didn't let you peer behind. Now I am opening it for you! Come in and take a look...

Friday, August 5, 2016

Where Does your Imagination Bring You?

Tell us your story about this picture...


Let us know below.

Illustration from Gang Stories available on Amazon.com. The story in which your child gets to make up 4 stories about 4 stuffed animals adventures during the night.

Ellen Raskin: Illustrator of the Week

Little Nobody

Sometimes I think she is the little nobody.  Several times I have looked up the illustrator of my favorite book as a child Moose, Goose, and Little Nobody. What kept me from finding anything at first I thought it was Moose, Goose, and the Little House... which they are looking for Little Nobody in his gable. I am glad to see she did several books. Thanks to the site listed below I can now go off and find the rest of her books. It has a complete list of her picture books and chapter books. It is the best bio I found on her yet.

Below are some examples of her work:

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Where Does Your Imagination Bring You!



Where does your imagination bring you? What is on the other side of the door? Would you walk in? How long has the door been there? These are all questions you can ask. What are the answers? Share your answers below. Does this illustration create a story in your mind? Share it below with us.


Illustration from Mr. Pelinger's House & Intergalactic Roadshow available on Amazon.com.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Cosmic Play: New Album by Chris Dowgin

Incense and Peppermints...?

Have a listen. My first album of flute and piano was released this week. It is music to ease the soul in a hectic world. It is entrancing. Music from simpler times. Cosmic. Pulling traditions from traditional Japanese music and Native American. A blending of jazz sentimentalities of Jaco Pastorius and Classical tastes of John Cage. Throw a little Robert Fripp, Brian Eno, and Peter Gabriel and you will have my ice cream Sunday of inspirations.

Available at Open Mics around Salem and at Salem House Press.
Only $5

Limited Time Preview:

James Bama: Illustrator of the Week

Cowboy, Indians, and a Savage...

James Bama is another artist I had admired throughout the years within the Greenwich Workshop catalogs my mother got over the years in the 80's and early 90's. I am always surprised to find one of their artist in another venue. Sometimes their work was starring me in the face on books or movie posters I owned, never knowing they were the same people from the catalog. Speaking of which I do have the Turn Me On Book below...

Bama’s activities during this period were highlighted by artwork for the New York Giants football team, the Baseball and Football Halls of Fame, the U.S. Air Force and The Saturday Evening Post. Fans of pop culture may know him best as the artist who portrayed Doc Savage on sixty-two memorable book covers. Then Bama decided it was finally time to do what he most wanted to do. He moved west to Wyoming, where an artist “can trace the beginnings of Western history; see the oldest weapons, saddles and guns and be close to Indian culture.” He sold his first Western fine art painting soon after the move. The distinctive work of James Bama combines tradition with modern realities. In his much-acclaimed studies, Bama shows the contemporary West preserving its traditional culture. His portraits of inhabitants of the plains and mountains capture the true character of the West. Today the paintings of James Bama are part of many prestigious collections. Bama has been represented in major exhibitions throughout the West and has been presented in one-man shows in New York City. Bantam Books published The Western Art of James Bama in 1975 and The Art of James Bama in 1993. Jim was inducted into the Illustrator’s Hall of Fame June 28, 2000. Through his portraits of real people of the new West re-creating their history and heritage, Bama pays homage to the Old West and is renowned in yet another realm of the art world.

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Early Musician

Can You Play Jethro Tull...

No. My flute style is influenced by Native American flute, John Cage, and the Japanese styles of Noh and Shakuhachi.  I have been playing for 24 years. I started when I was admiring a collection of Herman Hesse books and moved a flute off the shelf. My friend gave me that flute and her Herman Hesse collection.

I started out when I was tiny with the guitar, but I think somehow my parents made it disappear. The drums my uncle gave me vanished even quicker...

My parents did buy me a Casio PT80, I only learned Greensleeves (which sneeks out on the flute at times). Though the only one that stuck was the flute. Well the piano snuck in last year.


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Joe Petagno: Illustrator of the Week

Iron Horse We Ride...

To honor the passing of "Lemmy" Ian Kilminster we look at the art of Joe Petagno who created Snaggletooth. He also helped design several Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd covers.

Petagno was born in Portland, Maine and left the United States in 1972. He worked with Hipgnosis before meeting Lemmy in 1975. He designed "War-Pig" (aka Snaggletooth, The Iron Boar, The Bastard, or Little Bastard) for the band's Motorhead album and has continued to design the majority of the album and single sleeve covers for the band. Petagno refers to Motorhead's mascot as The Bastard (or Little Bastard). Joe Petagno came up with the concept after studying skulls of wild boars, gorillas, and dogs.

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